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Our Story

The Gaza Strip has been under siege for over a decade, with a dangerous decline in the standard of living, unrelenting poverty and inadequate healthcare. Gaza is a continuing disaster zone.

Gaza Children’s Fund Inc. is a not for profit organisation founded in 2010, by a group of volunteers and social activists, to help address the issues concerning disadvantaged Palestinians.

Our head office is in Australia and the executive office is in Gaza—Khan Yunis. All funds raised and received are sent directly to Gaza.

Our organisation supports sustainable development projects such as, schools, health clinics, community facilities, poultry farms, community water solutions, education, clothing and rehabilitation support for the psychological trauma and torment inflicted by the ongoing daily attacks.

Women and children in particular are supported through various initiatives and programs, seeking to
empower them and give them the opportunity to support themselves in a sustainable way.

Our Projects

Our organisation supports sustainable development projects for the community who have been traumatised and tormented by the ongoing daily attacks.

Medicine Project



Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are particularly deprived, with the overwhelming majority living in poverty and just under half unemployed. Access to healthcare and medicine is near impossible due to restrictions, destroyed hospitals and people cant afford treatment.


Gaza Children’s Fund help provide healthcare and medicine to the most needy and displaced.

Iftar Project

$20 per meal


During Ramadan many families could not afford food to break their fast or the limited food they did have was near impossible to cook, due to electricity, coal and gas restrictions.


Gaza Children’s Fund provided prepared meals daily to the needy, elderly and displaced.

Rent Project

$50 per month


Blockades and war have strangled Gaza’s economy and the unemployment rate is now the highest in the world making it nearly impossible for families to afford rent.


Gaza Children’s Fund help relieve this burden for hundreds of needy families by paying their rent.

Orphan Sponsorship

$50 per month


Gaza Children’s Fund has extended their orphan sponsorship program to include the children that suffer from extreme medical illness. In most cases these children were born with a disability but now more and more are coming to us with medically induced conditions due to the effects of war. These children are cared for in a loving and safe environment by trained medical staff.


The sponsorship provides crucial medical treatment that in some cases keeps these children alive or provides a more comfortable and bearable quality of life.

Ramadan Appeal

$50 per food pack


Ramadan and Zakat Appeal While we stop fasting most people in Gaza do not, due to lack of food or the cost of food.

Gaza Children’s Fund put together food packs for Suhoor and Iftar to be distributed to the most vulnerable and displaced families.

School Uniform Project

$500 for a school


Through the School Uniform Project, Gaza Children’s Fund relieve the financial burden for families and provide 400 children with uniforms, shoes and supplies for the year so they can continue their education.

Every year this number has increased and we hope to increase this further to support 1000 students

Safe Lighting Project

$100 per pack


Gaza Children’s Fund trialed a safe lighting / electricity solution with 300 needy families. We provided each family with a rechargeable battery pack and LED lights, along with training, allowing for a portable and safe lighting solution.


Due to the success of this project we will continue to distribute to 300 families at a time.


Zakat Al Maal is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. It is an Islamic duty for every Muslim to pay a donation based on 2.5% of their combined wealth to the Muslim community in need worldwide. Zakat can be paid at any time during the year, but many choose to pay their Zakat Al Maal during Ramadan.

Zakat Al Fitr is an obligatory payment to be made before the end of Ramadan. Recipients of Zakat Al-Fitr are the poor and needy, this is distributed by our office in Khan Yunis. The minimum amount due is the equivalent of about 2kg of food staples like flour and rice etc., converted to money roughly $10 per person should be donated.

Needy Family Project

$50 per family 


Gaza Children’s Fund look after some of the most vulnerable and desperate families, where it is not possible for any family member to work due to illness. We help relieve some of their burdens by supporting them with, household items, food, lighting and water.

Eid Appeal

$20 per child


Every child deserves to smile on EID and for the children of Gaza, this is no exception.


Gaza Children’s Fund bought new clothes and presents orphans, displaced and needy children and organised a party , with games, lollies, lots of happiness and smiles.

Qurban Appeal

For many in Gaza fresh food and fresh meat are hard to come by and are expensive. For some the meat from Qurban is the only meat they eat all year.

Last year we had the most successful Qurban appeal to date, distributing fresh meat to more needy and displaced families than the previous year.


How Qurban is shared:

1 Sheep or Goat = 1 Qurban

1 Cow = shared among 7 people

Poultry and Eggs Project (Past Project)

Gaza Children’s Fund acquired 6 chicken farms, containing 20,000 chicken eggs, these were incubated and once hatched were looked after for 30-40 days then sold at the markets. This was a great project for long term sustainability, producing jobs for the community and fresh clean meat.

Women in Business (Past Projects)

This project lasted for one year, we had experts in business management come in and teach widows a trade, how to manage their own small business and essential computer skills. This enabled the widows to create an income and help support their families.

Clean Water Project (Past Project)

The primary aim of this project was to supply two water tank vehicles carrying 20,000 litres of water each from the desalination plant and transport them to residents of Khan Yunis. This water went to mass people living in shelters, evacuation centres, residents in neighbouring areas, the sick/ elderly, schools and residents that lived in areas where the water networks were completely destroyed. Our long term goal is to provide a mobile water distribution station where everyone has access to fresh clean water.

Kindergarten Project (Past Project)

Gaza Children’s Fund acquired a kindergarten in Khan Yunis, schooling 30 children and 2 teachers. The children had regular counselling to help them recover from the 2014 siege and daily attacks, a consistent day to day routine that brought stability and more importantly continuing their education was the end goal.

The Children of Gaza want to thank you!

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